Shift Drinks are the Greatest Workplace Ritual for any Industry


Enjoying a drink with your co-workers after a tough shift can turn a bad night around.

The coveted shift drink. What could be more perfect than a free drink after slinging drinks, serving guests or spending 12 hours on the line sweating bullets? The answer is nothing, really it is nothing.

Be it a beer, cocktail or a shot, if you work in the service industry, you deserve a drink after a night of hard work. The shift drink is the most rewarding thing you could receive (other than a good tip on a $100+ bar tab maybe.)

As an employee, it is something for you to look forward to at the end of the night. As a manager or even owner, it is a great way to let your loyal, hardworking employees know that you really care about them. Nothing says love like a shot of whiskey and a yard beer in my opinion.

Beyond this, the shift drink can be the ultimate team-building exercise. There are few better ways to build camaraderie like bullshitting about the one guy at you 8-top that had to interrupt you anytime you tried to describe a beer to someone else at the table, (he has to know more than the server, or else no one will respect him.) After all, if we don’t complain about our guests over our beer, who will?

When it gets down to it, the shift drink is something that every service industry professional deserves. If your employer doesn’t offer them, you may be working for the wrong place. If you are a manager or owner, you should certainly consider introducing shift drinks at your establishment.