Why do Non-Slip Shoes Suck?

Cheap materials make for short lifespans

For too long, work shoe companies have been completely out of touch with their users.

The needs of the workers in the food service industry have been largely ignored by the leading providers of slip-resistant shoes, despite them being 10% of the American Workforce -14.5 million people. The status-quo of the footwear available is shoes that are uncomfortable, cheaply made, and unfashionable or often: all the above. This frequently results in food service workers opting for casual or athletic footwear without non-slip soles, which is not only against many restaurants’ policies, but inherently dangerous in their line of work.

It appears the leading providers of non-slip work shoes have completely ignored their customers. Cheap materials, bulky designs and an overall lack of quality have become the status quo in the industry, despite the millions of people who wear them very day for years of their careers in restaurants, bars and healthcare.

There really is no reason for this. Sure, you can buy a new pair of shoes every month and wear them out, but if you treat your job seriously and care about your work, why can’t you find fashionable shoes that can also protect you from slips and falls.

Is that what our industry deserves? I certainly don’t think so. Maybe we should be asking that of the many companies making cheap ugly work shoes for the millions of people who are on their feet every day.