Cocktail: The Past ain’t Through with Us

Magnolia is one of my favorite movies. Watching it recently I was reflecting on forgiveness and how we are all troubled people with our own history. It’s so easy to get caught up in our own problems that we forget that many of the people around us have their own, which is easy to forget when you are upset or hurt. I made this drink, sat down and thought about it for a while. Sometimes its good to have a drink and contemplate.

“The book says: we may be through with the past, but the past ain’t through with us.”

The Ingredients:

1 oz Caña Brave Rum

1 oz Pierre Ferrand Cognac

0.5 oz Pimm’s #1 Liqueur

0.5 oz Orgeat

0.5 oz Lime Juice

3 dashes Bittermens Elemakule Tiki Bitters

The Method:

Combine all ingredients in a shaker, shake with ice. Strain into a rocks glass over ice. Garnish with a wide swath lime peel.

Enjoy it and maybe think a little.